Wallpaper Star Trek Free


This is a simple wallpaper application with Star Trek theme.The free version contains only 40 images, the paid one has 200+ wallpapers.Very simple to useTo browse through images, you can swipe finger up or down, and one tap to choose.Is set as external preferable, that means if you have enough SD memory it will install there. Take care if using App 2 SD, because it can corrupt your file, due that all user information will keep in your regular memory. Rule of thumb is after install check using some sort of task manager or similar to check your SD card and see if it in fact is there. Because as 2.2 doesn’t have one explicit option to save in fact on SD, it’s more like SD preferable.It’s not common though sometimes in some handsets, the application crashes for the first time with OutOfMemoryException, but trying run one second time works.As I just have one Galaxy S, and it works well, please send me one email if it persist with handset model, that I’ll try fix it.v2.3Last try to make the application works on screens with low-dpi. Guys I have only one Galaxy S, and most of tests in smaller screen are only via emulator.

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