Wallpaper Star Trek HD


This applications requires Android 3.0+.For the Star Trek fan, 110+ wallpapers on 1280×800 size.Easy to use, just swipe to left or right and tap to select the wallpaper.Now the application has the background service to change wallpapers images built in and a improved cache to see images when select Services from menu, mean it’s will take some time on the very first load, after that will be considerably faster. With this it’s not necessary anymore the Star Trek Service app.I hope that you enjoy, and please if have any complain, send me a email that I can go after that and try fix ASAP, comments doesn’t help because I need some extra information.All my applications doesn’t have ad’s because I don’t like it for myself.My email kv.android.app@gmail.com and if you have any doubt of how to using it, please refer the blog :http://kvandroidapp.blogspot.com/Please rate it.

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