Wallpaper Star Trek


Wallpaper application, for Star Trek fan like me.This version contains 200+ images,Install into SDCard (not external SD).Easy to use.To browse through images, swipe to left or right and tap to choose.Very Last Update Reason :This is my last update in this application, due the amount of images that’s make impossible create bigger images (mean HD – 1280×800) to be re-sized into smaller screens, for make the jump from 800×480 to HD size the application file size should double in MB, making it impossible to run in many devices with less memory.Due those limitations I have decided that it’s the life limit for this app. For now on the other one (Wallpaper Star Trek HD) that has HD images it’s the one that will get updates (and new images soon, however it’s has less images then this one (106 images).Alse due this app images have a smaller size, it’s doesn’t provide a nice look i bigger screens (above 800×480), the image gets blur when scale it up.If you have any comments or issues, please feel free to send an email to kv.android.app@gmail.comThank you

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