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Warmly is a simple, friendly way to start your day.Wake up gently with the calm sounds of weather and something you enjoy (like cooking breakfast, brewing coffee, or catching a plane). Just set the time you want to get up and Warmly will plan ahead to make stepping out of bed enjoyable.A few minutes before your alarm is set to go off, Warmly will get the weather for your location and begin quietly playing ambient sounds. Warmly starts out silent and very gradually turns up the volume so you'll wake up naturally to the sounds of the day and the activity you selected.Warmly is great as a motivational alarm clock that gets you out of bed naturally. Hearing the sounds that excite you to get up and get going instead of hitting snooze (in fact, Warmly purposely doesn't have a snooze button to facilitate good sleeping practices).Get a great night's sleep and wake up ready to do awesome things!***THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BUYWarmly is unlike other alarm clocks; it's designed to be super simple and encourage healthy sleep habits. – Warmly slowly fades in over 5 minutes. This is great to wake up to, but a bit tricky to test by setting the alarm a minute from now and tapping ok.– Warmly has a persistent notification so you know when the alarm is set. This is the suggested android model for alarm clocks, but some may find it annoying. We're sorry. ***WARMLY FEATURES– Select from 9 activity sound tracks to start your day: making breakfast, having coffee, cartoon news, working out, zen meditation, a cat, a dog, flying at the airport, and taking a train or subway. – Press and hold on an activity to preview the track.– Integrated local weather when your alarm begins to fade in.– Slow wake-up gradually turns up the volume of weather and activity audio over time.– Simple user interface makes setting the time and selecting activities fast and intuitive.– Change between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature view by tapping on the weather information.– Vibration used as a last resort, in case you leave your headphones plugged in.– 12-hour and 24-hour clock mode support.– Snooze (9 min increments) while alarm is sounding.– Nice to neighbors: auto-silence after 15 minutes of loudest alarm (in case you leave it on and aren't around).***Warmly is built with love by The Chaos Collective in Seattle, Wa. and Luxembourg.

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