Warp Rush


Speed into the future–how long can you survive? Welcome to Warp Rush, the most challenging arcade endurance racer to land in your Android device! Select your ship and race through the never-ending game grid with no boundaries!• Earn points and speed by collecting triangles and multiply your score on warp jumps. • Navigate an always-changing environment; no two racing experiences will ever be the same. • Unlock Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert leagues for faster play, more points, and bigger air as you defy a relentless onslaught of obstacles. • Collect and deploy powerful boosters to become the grand champion, including Phase, Slowdown, Radar, Shrink, and Score boost! • Accelerometer tilt controls for maximum flight control. • Techno-dubstep soundtrack that adapts to your in-game actions. • Earn achievements and top the Leaderboards. Stay tuned for exciting new updates, including advanced ships, boosters, and maps!★★★DEVELOPER INFO★★★SGN is the leading developer in truly cross-platform gaming. Wherever you play, SGN has a game for you. Chart-topping hits include Bingo Blingo, Panda Jam, Fluff Friends Rescue, Jewels of the Amazon, Ion Racer, Lil Flippers and so many more.

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