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WaWaBank以信用卡優惠為主軸,再加上個人化的會員功能, 讓您不用在茫茫的信用卡優惠海中找尋您需要的優惠, 而WaWaBank也精選了許多台灣的在地好物提供給您, 還有獨家的優惠票券,讓您沒有信用卡也可以享優惠, 還等什麼呢,快打開WaWaBank看看吧! 【信用卡優惠】 WaWaBank最重要的精神-信用卡優惠,將所有信用卡的優惠ALL IN ONE,有別於各家銀行的手機軟體,只能尋找單一信用卡公司的優惠,WaWaBank提供了眾多信用卡折扣資訊,讓您走到哪用到哪! 【購物專區】 MIT(Made in Taiwan)正夯,MIT的品質獲得世界各國的認可,WaWaBank除了精選台灣的在地好物,還推出了各式各樣的獨家優惠票券,讓您更輕鬆的隨時隨地享優惠、買便-宜。 【會員專區】 正在苦惱怎麼離您最近的信用卡優惠都不是手上的信用卡嗎?現在只要加入會員,就可設定專屬於您的信用卡優惠,對於喜愛的店家也可以加入收藏,方便看看是否有新-的優惠唷! WaWaBank貼心的幫大家將各種信用卡的優惠和優惠票券都整合起來了,讓我們隨時隨地就知道週邊有什麼好康,假日還不曉得要去哪嗎?那就趕快下載WaWa-Bank APP,看看哪邊有好康優惠吧!WaWaBank credit card offers for the spindle, coupled with a personal membership function,So you do not look for the deals you need in the vast sea of ​​credit card offers,And WaWaBank also featured many of Taiwan in the good things to you,Exclusive promotions bills, so you do not have a credit card can also BenefitsSo what, the fast open WaWaBank look at it![Credit card deals]Most important spiritual WaWaBank - credit card offers, all credit card offers ALL IN ONE mobile phone software that is different from the banks, only to find a single credit card company offers, WaWaBank many credit card discount information, and allows you to go where with where![Shopping area]MIT (Made in Taiwan) is rammed MIT quality world recognized, WaWaBank Featured Taiwan to the ground a good thing, but also introduced a wide range of exclusive offers tickets easier anytime Benefits buy will -Should.[Members Area]Being upset how your nearest credit card deals are not a credit card in hand? Now just add member, you can set specific to your credit card promotions, Favorite favorite stores, convenience to see if there is a new -Preferential yo!WaWaBank intimate help various credit card offers and promotions bills together anywhere on surrounding Guaranteed, the holiday still do not know where to go? Then quickly download WaWa-Bank APP, to see which side of the great savings!

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