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WrittenChinese.Com (WCC) Chinese Flashcards with Audio (Character) was engineered to give you the most complete, systematic and efficient method for learning Chinese characters and building vocabulary.Our system is designed to teach you characters by order that they statistically appear most in everyday text so that what you learn is always useful, relevant and practical. You may be surprised to discover that learning the most common character "的" alone will earn you about a 3.72% literacy rate for general Chinese text. Learning just the top 50 most common characters will already earn you a 29.08% literacy rate in Chinese!This app is jam packed with useful features and options to tailor to your specific learning style. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, WCC Character is a great tool that will aid you along your path to Chinese literacy.Features:• Completely offline and does not require an internet connection. Practice and learn anywhere you go!• 3,200 characters with Simplified and Traditional variations, pinyin, definitions, Cantonese pronunciation in Yale and Jyutping, Cangjie, Four corner, radical, and stroke count.• Every character includes the seven most common "Usage Examples" complete with definition, pinyin, and voice pronunciation.• Spoken voice pronunciation by a native-speaking Putonghua professor who has a "putonghua shuiping ceshi" top-level certification.• Choice of displaying pinyin tones by Tone Marks, Tone Numbers or colors.• "Brown Characters" quickly identifies to the user the characters where the Simplified and Traditional forms are different from each other. Toggle between either variation instantly!• Includes a shuffle Mode function that presents cards in a shuffled sequence yet still generally displaying from most common towards least common cards.• Compare function that allows you to view two characters or bigrams of your choice side by side to distinguish subtle differences.• Our pinyin voice recordings are the most complete in the industry including "fifth tone" sounds and "combined syllable" sounds such as those combining "儿" as a suffix. In addition, account is made for tone changes (Tone Sandhi) when specific combination of characters are used together. (ie. 不 and 一 combinations)• Powerful search system with pinyin wildcard functionality. Search by pinyin, English, characters, radicals, stroke count, rank number, and more!

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