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Weather Wallpaper is a live wallpaper that shows a slideshow of outdoor scenery depending on what the current weather is. If it's raining, you'll get pictures showing rain. Snowing? You'll get blizzard-related pictures. Thundering? You'll get to see some spectacular lightning storms.THIS IS A LIVE WALLPAPER. You don't open it like a normal application; instead, you go to your home screen, press "Menu", then press "Wallpapers", then select "Live wallpapers", then choose "Weather Wallpaper" from the list.Weather Wallpaper looks up your location from your phone's network automatically, so there's no need to tell it where you are. This also means that if you're on a road trip, Weather Wallpaper will automatically change the pictures it shows as you travel through different climates.If Weather Wallpaper can't look up the weather for your current location, or if there's some other problem (such as your phone being set to airplane mode), various construction pictures with "Road Closed" signs will be shown. If you see one of these, just wait a few minutes and your weather-related pictures will be back in no time.If you're having problems with this app, please send us an email before you give negative feedback. We can't respond to individual ratings, so if you email us instead, it'll give us a chance to work with you and solve the problem.

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