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WebDAV client for Android devices. Add and browse your WebDAV servers. Download files and store them locally.Full folder sync support (server needs to support "infinite depth" queries for full support, otherwise you will be limited to single folders)Download whole folders (server needs to support "infinite depth" queries)Select and download multiple files from remote serversView all supported file types. Upload images from the galleryUpload images from the cameraUpload any files from the SDCardEmail local files as attachmentsRename, Delete and Move filesZip folders, Unzip filesUnRAR local filesBookmarksBuilt-in browser to download files from websitesMultiple file selection on local storage filesAuthentication popup if details aren't storedSelect and download multiple files from remote serversRecord audio files in local storageSet the download locationBuilt-in ePUB reader (non DRM)Sort file lists by name, size or dateSlideshow view to swipe between images in your current folderThumbnail view of local images (remote support coming soon!)Currently supports Digest, Basic and Windows Authentication, including self signed certificates.Supports connections on non-standard ports by including the port number in the URL e.g. for English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch and ChinesePermission Usage:RECORD AUDIOThe app has a feature to record audio like a voice recorder which you can then upload to your servers.FULL INTERNET ACCESSThe app requires access to use the network in order to connect to your serverREAD BROWSER'S HISTORY AND BOOKMARKSThe built-in browser allows you to select from your main browser bookmarks so that you can navigate quickly to the sites you want to. Using the built-in browser you can download files from normal websites into your local storage area.STORAGEThe app stores files on the sdcard when you download them.

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