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Note: This is not the full 'Wedding Planner' application. This is an optional licence which enables premium features on 'Wedding Planner' (Free). Please download and install 'Wedding Planner' before installing this licence key.This licence will unlock 'Wedding Planner' to enable all premium screens, which are otherwise locked in the free version. It also removes all advertisements from the application. Below is a description of which screens will be unlocked and their features.Important: After purchasing the premium version, restart your phone/tablet and re-launch the free version, which will have all the premium features unlocked.[ Summary Screen ]The summary screen provides an overall view of your entire wedding planning process. It outlines the following information:- (Guest) How many guests are in your list- (Guest) How many guests have RSVP'd- (Guest) How many guests are attending- (Guest) How many guests are from the Bride's side- (Guest) How many guests are from the Groom's side- (Tables) How many tables have been created- (Tables) Number of full tables- (Tables) Number of tables with empty seats- (Tables) Number of available seats- (Budget) Total amount spent- (Budget) Percentage of budget spent (After you've created a budget limit)- (Gifts) Number of gifts received- (Gifts) Number of 'Thank You' cards sent- (Gifts) Number of outstanding 'Thank You' cards - (Tasks) Total number of tasks- (Tasks) Number of tasks completed[ Import / Export ]The import/export screens allow you to transfer data to and from your phone. Here's why you might find this useful:- Copy all the 'Wedding Planner' information from your phone to your spouse's phone/tablet- Copy all the 'Wedding Planner' information from your device to any other device you own- Easily edit the information on your computer and import the changes to your phone/tablet- Integration with other applications makes it easy to share exported files on cloud applications like Dropbox and Google Docs.- Integration with other applications makes it easy to import files stored on cloud services like Dropbox and Google Docs- Information is exported into a spreadsheet, which is easily viewed and edited by various different phone and computer applications- Validation is performed during every import operation, to ensure only appropriate 'Wedding Planner' spreadsheets are processedNote: See the video for a quick overview of how import/export works.[ Future Version ]Future versions will be include the ability to export information into web pages for readability and printability. You'll be able to print out a copy of your guest list, seating arrangements, budget reports, etc.Feedback, comments and ratings are always appreciated! If you would like to see a feature added, let me know and I'll see what I can do!Thank you very much for your support!

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