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The Ultimate Weed Cookbook #2Medical Marijuana Cooking & Recipes***LIMITED INTRODUCTORY OFFER AT 50% OFF***TRY OUR OTHER APPS:"WEED COOKBOOK" The Original and 1st EVER Weed recipe app on iTunes & Google with 45 of the best treats on the planet!!"BAKED!" with 50 more yummy recipes!!"DR WEED" The ONLY Strain and Grow Guide in iTunes & Google!!"HEMP NETWORK" MAKE MONEY, SAVE THE PLANET WITH HEMP!The Weed Cookbook #2 has over 50 more of the most delicious marijuana edible recipes to satisfy your cravings! Time tested and approved by cannabis cooks and marijuana experts! If you have come across this app then you're likely an experienced cannabis enthusiast looking to expand your appreciation of marijuana. That, or you're ready to make a killer brownie. We aim to be your go-to resource for cooking with cannabis - whether that means whipping up the occasional treat or incorporating cannabis into your day-to-day diet.Recipes in this app are easy to prepare, great tasting and relatively cheap. They have been tested and approved by generations of family and friends. Enjoy them with those special friends who will appreciate them. Enjoy them on your own!HERE'S A FEW OF THE NEW RECIPES:DRINKS:Blasted CowCannabis AleJello ShotsGreen DragonMEALS:Twice Baked PotatoChili Bean PotJailhouse ShrimpRasta RisottoChronic King SalmonMashed Grapefruit Sweet PotatoesWake & Bake CakesSWEETS:Chocolate Banana MuffinsGranny's Bud BarsTasmania Caramel CornStoney Carrot CakeApple Cream Cheese TorteCanna Cream PuffsComo CookiesBlasted Lemon CookiesFruit & Nut BallsToker's ToffeeZauber CuchlisSNACKS:Cheesy NuggetsCajun Dill SeedsHemp Seed TreatsSummer ToastiesCanna Icebox Crackers & Cheese...AND MANY MORE IN EACH CATEGORY!Plus, learn how to make:-Canna Butter-Ganja butter-FLAVORED BUTTERS!!-Basic bud butter-Hempy oil-Cannabis cooking oil-Alcohol Tinctures-Glycerin TincturesGet this app today and start enjoying these easy to make recipes with your friends and family. A great compliment to the 1st Weed Cookbook - get them both! (Don't forget BAKED! also).We will periodically update this app with more recipes. All updates will be free for life.There is also an option to submit your own recipe and get it published in this app. You will receive credit for your recipe if it's chosen.This app is created by 619Apps.com and is not intended to be used in any illegal activity.Eat Responsibly!

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