Weird Voronoi Pro


IMPORTANT: Before buying this version, try "Weird Voronoi" because the hardware requirements are identical.In this paid version, you have more control than ever on the shape of the cells and the colors. Combined, you have access to over 81 millions functions to control the visual aspect.Information about the functions:- [?] is a random value, between 0 and 1, changed for each frame. There’s no regularity in it- [!] is a value between 0 and 1 that cycle from 0 to 1 and then from 1 to 0. You can decide the speed of the cycle by changing the value of the "Wave Length in milliseconds" in the Functions subsection. By default, the cycle is 4 seconds.- ^ this is an exponentNOTE (1): because this live-wallpaper requires a lot of GPU power, if you have any problem unlocking your phone or everything is lagging you can correct this by reducing the number of points and/or reducing the number of frame per second. By default, these settings are already low.NOTE (2): if you get a live-wallpaper that looks like a circle with a background changing color randomly it means that your Android’s GPU doesn’t have enough memory to manage the amount of data required to run the settings that you chose. SOLUTION: reduce the number of points or don’t use the color.NOTE (3): I really want to maintain this live-wallpaper and improve it. Don’t hesitate to visit my blog to post comment on anything related to this. I’m particularly interested about the settings that you put for your Android (specially for Honeycomb) and new functions that I can add to the list.FUTURE WORK:- The documentation about the functions to explain how everything works and how you can control all of this.- The possibility to develop your own functions by putting some of your code in my fragment shader or completely replace my shader by your code (information about this will be on the documentation). You’ll just need to know a base of programming and a bit of GLSL.

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