Weird Voronoi


IMPORTANT: The professional version is now available under the name "Weird Voronoi Pro".This live-wallpaper allows you to use a variation of the classic Voronoi diagram to personalize your droid.Control the number of points, orientations associated with these points and the strength of spirals to create various shapes. Plus, you can control the distribution of the colors (or the gray scale) in the Voronoi cells.FUTURE WORK:- A professional version- More function for the color distribution- More function to control the cells (PRO version)- The possibility to develop your own functions (PRO version)- A background over which the effects of the Voronoi diagram would be drawn- An implementation with the NDKNOTE (1): This live-wallpaper uses OpenGL ES 2.0. Many devices don’t support it. There’s applications on the market that allows you to test if your device can support it.NOTE (2): This live-wallpaper can be rough on the GPU of your droid. The best way to control this is with the number of points and the maximum frame per seconds that you want.Visit my website to post any comments about this live-wallpaper.

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