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The "JBT Brain Game: What Color is Your Brain?" is a location-based app that allows users to find each of the 22 big fiberglass brains in the Brain Extravaganza! This is a public art display located in and around Bloomington, Indiana. Inside the app, players will color in their own stained-glass brain created by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. Each of the 22 empty spaces represent one of the 22 fiberglass brains in the Brain Extravaganza! Each Big Brain has a specific question about YOUR brain that you will be presented with when you are near a Big Brain. After you answer the question a particular space on the stained-glass brain will become a color based on that answer. Your unique colored brain can be shared and compared with your friends using Facebook and Twitter. You can also compare your brain to local, national, and international celebrities. It will be fun to see if your brain resembles that of a famous robotic surgeon, a famous author, or a compassionate violinist. How to play: * download this app * go to Bloomington, Indiana * find a Big Brain using the app * get close (within 25 feet) to a Big Brain * signs at a Big Brain will give you facts about that brain * on the “Brains” tab click “The Brain Game” * answer the question presented with what best matches you * view your brain as it gets colored in * share your brain * get others to play to see how your brains compare Don’t forget to check out information about the artists and the sponsors of the Big Brains, without them none of this could have happened.

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