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"What do you mean?" Takes board games to a new level.The new way to play. Now you have the opportunity to use your mobile in a good way when you meet your friends and family! You have to meet other people to play this game, as people did “in the old days”."What do you mean?" is a varied and fun word explanation game. There are four different game types, Talk, Draw, Show and Sing. There are three different categories, words, artists / groups and Film / TV. Thousands of words are waiting for you."What do you mean?" can be played anywhere and you always have the game with you. All you need is at least three opponents. With family, with friends, home, car, on holiday, at the party, it's only you who sets the limits.Whether you like games such as "Taboo", "Catch Phrase", "Alias", "In other words", "Pictionary", "Draw & Guess", "Charades" or any other word explanation game you'll like "What do you mean?""What do you mean?" is not a standalone game. It's a game organizer to manage and operate the various games that are embedded. The game features a slim graphic design and are very easy and user friendly.Advantages over a traditional game.1) Always with you (home, travel, car, party)2) Several words (fast free updates, add your own, fun categories)3) Statistics (to find out who is best)4) Cheap (similar traditional board games would cost hundreds of dollars)Planned updates1) Mix game types 2) Different levels of difficulty to the questions3) Create your own words4) More categories"What do you mean?" is perfect for Christmas, both as gifts and play with family and friends.How to play:The player indicated on the mobile take the phone and get ready. The team to the left is the judges for the round. When the game starts the player is to explain as many words as possible for his/hers teammates. The player may only use the communication as the game allows. (See below) Time is counted from when the game starts. Scoring errors can be corrected after the end of the game, so keep playing. The players teammates should try to guess which word the player tries to explain. The team scores as many points as they guess right (can be negative at the "pass" or "cheating"). After each round the judge examine the results and accept it. It is possible to change the score if it isn't correct. First team to the final score wins. Minus Points: If the player is cheating and using communication that is not permitted for the game, for example, say the word in the "Talk" or talk on the "Draw". It can also give negative points on the player pass a word (depending on the setting) Open the rules (determined before the games start): Bending of the words. Is the correct word required. What level of sound that may be used in the "quiet" games. If cheating button or the pass button to be used in cases of misdemeanor. In addition to the game settings fore example include round time and goal score Play Option: Change players between points. The referee keeps the phone and press the word when the players changed places.Speak: The player shall not use any part of the word (or direct translations) explaining the word. Drawing: The player should not talk or write letters to explain the word. Extra: Need pen and paper.Show: The player shall without talking explain the word.Play options: "Trading Places" (on there are more than two people on the team). The player must guess while the rest of the team display the word.Sing: Recommended play with artists/groups selection. The player will sing a song that can be linked to the artist/group. Opponents must specify the name of the artist/group. Play options: The player will sing a song that can be linked to the word. Teammates must specify the name of the piece or artist/group. The judges will determine after the deadline if the link is strong enough to give points.Advanced play options: The player or the whole team together should sing the word in a piece of music.

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