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Enjoy as never before with ​​WhatsFrog, the new app game where you decide the questions to include. Have a good time with our interactive frog playing and betting with your friends and all those questions only you know...Make WhatsFrog one of your favourite app’s!!To make the game easier, 100 general knowledge questions and answers are included at the beginning, testing you in different areas: sports, history, geography, music, films…Find a small detailed manual that explains how to start playing:1. WhatsFrog includes 100 general knowledge questions. Click “Ask!" and the frog will say them  randomly. For the answer you only have to click “Answer!“.2. Create your own questions library pressing the button "Question Editor". Within the menu you have the possibility to include each issue with her answer. Once you accept and save the changes, all questions will be available in your next game.3. You have the ability to enable or disable the app sound.4. You can include as many questions as you like.Find us on the Market as:Play, questions, questions, trivial, whatfrog, whatsfrogs, whatfrogs, frog, intelligence, knowledge, skills, general knowledge, answer, answers, green, guess, fun, friend, friends, fun, play games, talk the answer, ask, repeat, enter questions, create, create games, application, app

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