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Where's the bus - packed with features to make getting around by bus easy, whether it's finding how to reach one of your favourite destinations, or finding out when your bus will arrive and setting reminders, searching for a route, finding the bus stop to get on at, or the get off at, or tracking your journey in real time - this app has it all.UPDATE 30/05/2012: Version 2.2 schedule daily reminders! UPDATE 27/03/2012: Version 2.1 with home screen widget showing your nearest favourite stop available now.Add bus stops you use regularly to "My Stops" and when you are nearby next buses will conveniently be shown on your home screen.User Guide: there an improvement you'd like to suggest? All comments welcomed at Quick Tips to help show you around the app, they're shown just a couple of times to get you started+ Set reminders - to alert you when your bus will be arriving soon+ Favourite Destinations - easily find a bus home+ Destination Proximity Alerts - don't miss your stop to get off at+ Destination Proximity Tracking - see how far it is to your destination in real-time+ Reminder Tracking - see how long it is until your bus arrives in real-time+ Auto-filter Live Departures - to show only the buses to your destination+ Plan your journey - using the map to mark your destination+ Plan your journey - using an address, postcode, station or bus stop+ Plan your journey - to a favourite destination+ Plan your journey - from your current location+ Plan your journey - from a Bus Stop - such as one of your favourites in "My Stops" or "Recently viewed stops"+ Journey Info - view the stops that your chosen bus will make on a map, and track your journey, helping you find where to get off the bus+ On screen Plan your journey button+ Quick filter off - to show all routes from the stop+ Improvements for wifi hotspots+ User guide, available from the "About Where's the bus?" menu itemTo set a reminder, simply select the bus(es) that you'd like to set a reminder for, there is no need to type in the bus number. If there are several buses that you could take, select them all in one go when setting up your reminder, and the alarm will go off when the first of any of those buses is about to arrive at your chosen stop.To set a destination as your favourite, plan your journey using the map or by address, postcode, station or bus stop, then star the destination as a favourite.To find a bus to one of your favourite destinations, long press the textual search and pick a destination.The app also remembers the buses you have set a reminder for previously, and selects these buses for you when you next set a reminder for that stop - great for frequent users.Use "Where's the bus?" to plan your bus journey from your current location: - either mark your destination on the map or - enter an address, postcode, station or bus stop.Select a route from the options listed, and view the live bus departure information for that route, when you see the flashing bus. If you like, set a reminder or view the stops that your chosen bus will take and track your progress along the route in real time.Currently operates in London, the Midlands and South of England only.To set a reminder - choose to add a reminder for a bus route from the options menu that appears when you press the menu button. The app will monitor/track the progress of your bus to the stop and notify you when the bus is about to arrive.Six months destination proximity alerts, search to stop integration and route display services, worth forty nine pence, included for free with Where's the bus version 2.0.Is there a feature you'd like to suggest? Please do drop me an email ( or post a review with your suggestion to let me know.

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