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It erases ALL your Wi-Fi configurations on Android System with just ONE click.(sorry for my bad English, I'm not native speaker)It is useful when you have a long list of remembered Wi-Fi and wants to erase them ALL. The Android native system (at least so far 2.3.3) does not have an easy way to erase ALL. You must to erase one by one, and this is really sucks.** FAQ **1) Why I would like to erase (forget) my remembered Wi-Fi passwords?For many reasons: 1. For developers working with a kind of Wi-Fi manager that creates automatically a lot of networks configurations. 2. If you don't trust to keep your Wi-Fi passwords inside Android OS (I think it is secure, but if you don't think so...). 3. If you have some Wi-Fi manager or some APP that messed up your configurations (or just created a lot of undesired networks) and you'd like to restart from scratch. 4. You have a too big list of remembered Wi-Fi and it is annoying now. 5. You will borrow your mobile to someone else and you don't want he uses your Wi-Fis. 6. Because you woke up and felt like erase everything.2) I received a "Force Close" or I got some weird errorOK, shit happens. Please tell me what did you receive at and I can help you. Don't rate me bad in this case, because I didn't treating Wi-Fi exceptions. If your device gonna crazy, it is not my fault.3) Can I move to my SD card?Yes, sure!4) The size of APP, battery usage, permissions?Less than 100 KB, it's very light weight APP (but you still can move to SD card if you want). We use your battery only to show you the information on the screen. No services, no black magic, no secret. We use only TWO permissions (read and write Wi-Fi states) and the min version of Android is 1.5 (API level 3)5) Why the APP closes after the job?Because the APP does not have much to do, it's simply like that. The APP just do what it says and not more.6) Why even after I erase ALL networks, when I come back after a while, I have at least one configuration again? Is it does not working?If you received a "successful" message after tap the button, it really worked. But the configuration can appears again automatically because you may have a service running in background which put it again. Be sure you had stopped all services related with Wi-Fi manager.7) If it is useful for me and I like it?Please rate and share with your friends! :) I know it is a kind of geek APP but can be useful for anyone...8) Where can I send feedback or feature request?Please write me:

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