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WiFiCheema Remote is a FREE app that allows users to control any computer (PC/Mac/Linux) using their smartphone or Tablet.It is an ideal tool for Managers, Professionals, Students and Teachers to give Presentations while using their smartphone as a Remote Control.Please follow these steps to use WiFiCheema 1) Install WiFiCheema on your smartphone2) Install WiFiCheema Server available at Download page of http://wificheema.umaircheema.com on your computer. (PC, Mac and Linux versions of server are available)3)After installing and running WiFiCheema server please note down the IP address displayed by the WiFiCheema server. 4)Launch WiFiCheema client on your smartphone5)Now add the IP address obtained from the server in the space provided and press the CONNECT button to view your Desktop on your phone’s screen. 6) Press the MODE button on WiFiCheema Server to use your phone’s screen as remote Mouse for your Computer.USAGE TIPS:Touch anywhere on your smartphone screen to move cursor to that location on your computer.Touch and Release to emulate single click of computer mouse.To emulate Mouse Double Clicks when items are selected on Desktop Press the Menu Button on your Android smartphone or Tablet and press MODE button to start Double Click mode.Pressing MODE button in the menu will deactivate the Double Click mode."To move between Presentation slides use the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons OR press Menu and use NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons."

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