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All wine-lovers agree that the most important criterion for the proper appreciation of a wine is its temperature at the moment the bottle is opened. WineTemp lets you calculate how long it takes to bring a bottle of wine to the right temperature for serving. In general: * The minimum temperature for serving a wine is 6°C. In fact, below this the taste buds cannot fulfil their role properly. * Above 19°C, only some rare, exceptional wines and a few fortified wines are able to keep their character. * The serving temperature is closely linked to the structure of the wine. A light or acidic wine should be drunk at a lower temperature than a well-constructed, complex wine, whose tannins will be eliminated by a higher temperature. * A wine from an old vintage can be drunk at a higher temperature than the same wine from a more recent vintage. * A bottle of a great vintage can be drunk a higher temperature than a bottle from an average vintage. * Certain full, rich white wines can be drunk at a higher temperature than some young, fruity red wines WineTemp calculates the time necessary to prepare a wine in the three following steps: 1. Enter the characteristics of the bottle; its size and initial temperature. 2. Enter the information on the place in which the bottle will be brought to the right temperature, i.e. the type of room e.g. bedroom, dining room, refrigerator, or, in the case of champagne/white wines, ice or water, and the location's ambient temperature. 3. Enter the desired serving temperature: either by moving the cursor to the right temperature; or by choosing a wine in the list of known wines in WineTemp and then clicking "Chose". The calculation is updated in real time, when ever a parameter is modified.

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