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Product OverviewWizzpers is a web and mobile collaboration platform to build active user communities. Wizzpers Pro helps drive results by:· Training groups and group’s leaders on the go· Deliver content to a specifics groups or individuals (audio, video, images, text)· Aggregate and to share knowledge· Giving users a direct channel of communication· Aggregating diverse channels for centralized response· Increase users feedback and participation· Allowing users to build self-supporting communitiesWe enable users to start a rich conversation with their colleagues, associates and friends in a predetermined community by sharing photos, video, text and even voice messages. With Wizzper, the content gets richer, and makes your organization an important part of their day.Quick Facts· Wizzpers is the first social content distribution platform to include all media formats such as Photos, Video, Voice, SMS and location capabilities.· Whole new way to promote and build brand or topics awareness through your own private social network.· Our solutions can be customized to look and feel unique to your company and your brand.Building your own communityWizzpers is the ideal solution to consolidate a pre-existent community to in order to strength the actual bonds. Wizzpers includes the following features to the leaders of a community.Information Sharing: Share solutions, get feedback from users, and build knowledge.Teams & Groups: Drive users collaboration and self-help by creating specific teams and groups.Location Services: Build local communities, track service levels by location, geo-tag conversations.Mobile and Web Integration: Full featured mobile and web community access.Integration: Connect and interact back end systems such as CRM and collaboration systemsAnalytics: Measure users sentiment and community activity

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