Wolfgang Air Music


With the Wolfgang Air Music app. you can control all your music with an Android phone/tablet. Manage your library, different music streaming services and thousands of internet radio stations. Play a different track in different rooms or play in sync.Hardware requirements:You need to have the Wolfgang Air Music System to be able to fully exploit the potentials of the Air Music App. The Wolfgang Air Music System can only be bought in ALDI Holland, from December 17th, 2011.Features together with the Wolfgang Air Music system:-Stream music from your PC or NAS to your HI-FI system-Control with your Smartphone or tablet (free app)-Turn your existing stereo or speakers into a music streaming system-Stream music services like ShoutCast© and Aupeo© or thousands of internet radio stations from Tunein Radio©-Play different music in every room or play all in sync-Choose the album/song you want to listen to.-Create a wireless network with the bridge set it up with one touch!

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