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10 Dating Tips For Women“Save a boyfriend for a rainy day - and another, in case it doesn't rain.”Dating for women can be a breeze if done correctly. There are several rules for women to follow when entering the dating scene. Follow the tips below, and watch the men that you want come chasing after you.IN THIS APP YOU WILL GET INFORMATION ON 10 DATING TIPS FOR WOMEN**What is the importance of Dating in Women’s life?**What are 10 Tips for dating?1. Always have your physical appearance together. Look great all of the time. Keep your hair and makeup looking good and wear flattering clothing and watch as his head will turn. Make an effort to look your best at all times if possible. You could meet your Mr. Right at anytime and anywhere, so be prepared in advance.2. Make sure you stay in shape. Start a daily workout and have healthy eating habits. As much as you may hate this, men will notice you first by the way your body looks. You can also benefit from this yourself. By working out and eating healthy, you will feel better about yourself and increase your self confidence and self esteem.3. Remain mysterious by not revealing everything about yourself in the beginning. Give him small bits and pieces of information about yourself and watch him keep coming back for more. Men are attracted to mysterious and reserved women.4. Keep all communication and dates short. You don't want him to get burned out, so give him less, and he will want more.5. Do not be readily available when he calls or wants to go on a date. Even if you are available to answer your phone, let him leave a message. Call him back a day or two later. You want to give the impression of having a busy and active life, even if you don't have one at the moment.Now, if he calls to make a date for a certain day, let him know you are not available that day. Take time to check your schedule, and choose another day for the date.6. Do not bring up your past relationships or let him know how many men you have dated before him. Keep this information to yourself. It should remain in the past.7. Do not talk about wanting to be married or wanting to have a baby in the first few dates. This may scare him away.8. Never chase after a man. Let him chase after you. You do not want to appear to be desperate or too available.9. Be courteous and have good manners. You should respect him and act like a lady.10. Demand respect in return. Set your limits and keep your standards high. Don't compromise yourself in any way. If you feel like you have been disrespected, let him go.>>>>> **This app is complete **10 DATING TIPS FOR WOMEN ** that will be beneficial to you at every end. So why to wait grab it. Download Now >>>** NOTE –No information on these subjects local dating, dating service, dating service, black dating, christian dating

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