Wonder Play Learn


Kids game, Wonder Play Learn, has 3 games for kids rolled into 1 fun app! Best for ages 2 to 5. Kids games include, a find the hidden object game called Find the Baby Chicks in a fun and colorful room, a classic 6-card memory game / match game, and an entertaining color identification game to help kids learn to identify colors by popping balloons.This game does not block the home or back buttons on your device so be sure to monitor your children at all times while they are playing this game.This game does not link to the Android Market, at this time, so we would appreciate it if you could leave a comment after downloading and playing this game.Search and Find hidden objects Game for Kids- In this game, your child will have to touch various objects in a room to move them and discover all the hiding baby chicks. Children will love trying to figure out where to find the chicks, and it’s exciting when each is found. It’s a simple but captivating game for children.Remember and Match, or Memory Game- In this game, there are six cards that must be flipped over 2 at a time until each match is found. Memory game for kids that helps children practice their remembering, memory skills. It also helps children learn to find differences and similarities between different objects.Color Identification, Pop the Balloons Game- In this game, children are asked to pop balloons of a certain color on the screen. They must only pop the balloons of the correct color. Balloons of another color will not pop. Yellow, Red, Green and Blue are used as the primary colors for this game, and the balloon pops make fun sounds, and a baby chick flies out of one of the balloons each time to keep the kids giggling and engaged.We believe that games for kids of this age, 2 to 5, should have some educational value, but also allow for simple fun. Our children’s games usually keep kids entertained for a few minutes. From our testing, this can last 3 to 7 minutes typically, but it can vary.Parents should help their children while playing these games. You can help point out the colors, or find the spots where the baby chicks are hiding, or help a child get past the memory game when they get stuck.The HOME button will still exit the game, so it’s always good for a parent to be watching in case the child exits the game.The BACK button will just return the player to the main screen on most phones and devices.Please keep looking for more games for kids from us as we do have plans to create more in the future with our same intuitive and colorful game play style.This game has been tested on all major screen sizes and should work well on both small screens as well as large tablet screens.We would love to hear your feedback. Please let us know if you are enjoying this game either by email or by ranking and commenting in the Android Market.If you have any questions about this game, please email us at selticesystems@gmail.com. We also appreciate positive reviews in the Android Market. Remember, we cannot reply to Android Market reviews because they are anonymous, so if you have a question please email us directly.Children should be monitored by a parent or guardian at all times while playing this game.Have fun with this new kids game, and have fun wondering, playing and learning with your child 🙂

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