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The easiest way to practice vocabulary in your Android device!Missing your mother tongue? Want to add more interesting words? Feel free to contribute to the database and you will help other people practicing your language. All languages are welcome! http://goo.gl/4hd3GThere are three different ways to play with Word Trainer:- Challenge: Try to guess as many words as possible within 60 seconds. Try to beat your best score!- Practice: Practice words as much as you want without time limit.- Repetitions: Set the amount of words you want to practice (it’s easier to focus with just few words).The current supported languages are:Catalan (1109 words)Dutch (422 words)English (1162 words)Estonian (1015 words)Finnish (1108 words)German (268 words)Italian (114 words)Russian (1150 words)Serbian (102 words)Spanish (1110 words)Swedish (1096 words)Are you missing a language? Found some typos? Feel free to contribute! The vocabulary Word Trainer uses is freely available and hosted in Google Spreadsheets: http://goo.gl/4hd3GIf you are willing to contribute to the Word Trainer’s vocabulary (adding new languages or words, providing better translation for existing words, etc) follow one of these options:a) Send me a request to edit the spreadsheet. I will enable your access as soon as I can.b) If you do not want to share your email address to other contributors feel free to download the spreadsheet, edit the spreadsheet in your computer and send the file to jrcandroid@gmail.comI will be releasing application updates periodically including the latest additions.Happy learning!

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