Wordalation Vocab Builder


Wordalation Vocab Builder makes learning new vocabulary words fun and easy. This Appulearn app has hundreds of words that appear on English tests like the SAT, GRE and GMAT.You can even save words to your personal list with the click of a button. Our partner, Sugarland College Prep, devised the word list based on their years of experience helping high school students prepare for the biggest test of their lives! Be sure to down load their app for college entrance tips and to learn more about their online services!Watch for more Wordalation games coming soon.Words are grouped into "groups" of 10 words. Not everyone learns the same, so you can play the groups in one of 4 ways:1. Learn mode that shows both the word and the definition2. Test Mode that shows only the word3. Voice mode that reads the word and definition to you4. Random mode that randomly picks a word and definition from all groups.Feeling like you’ve learned a group? Select a new group to learn by clicking the Current Group button.

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