Wordlist Pro (Lite)


Wordlist Pro (Lite version) for Android 2.2+Lite version is now exactly the same as the paid version except for the ads.Features:- Lightning fast speed searching- Install app on SD-Card- Dictionaries: TWL06+CSW12+OSPD4+CSW12 Unique- Customizable performance tweaks and settings- Database installed on SD-card- Saves all your settings and preferences- Saves your last word upon exit- Blank and wildcard searches- 7 different search methods- 10 sorting choices (alpha x2, points x2, wordlength x2, vowels x2, consonants x2)- Anagram/Build searches. Type your letters (plus blanks) and produce all combinations within a second.- Wordlength minimum/maximum settings from 2 to 15 letters (can be turned on/off)- Choose font sizes & styles- Scrabble/Words With Friends/Wordfeud scoring (can be turned on/off)- 3 different online definition sources- Short-click any word on a resultlist for definition- Long-press any word on a resultlist for a separate search of that word with any search method- Search timer and speed (words/second)- Portrait or Landscape modes- Works well with tablets* Screenshots are taken from paid version. The only difference is the ads at the bottom of the screen.Phone Permissions:WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed for installing files to SD-card.INTERNET: Needed for Aonaware online definitions.READ_LOGS: Used for automatic error reporting.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Needed for ads.Warning!Cheating in Scrabble, Scramble for friends, Wordfeud or similar games done at your own risk. It is not fair gaming.UPDATE YOUR APP!Make sure you update the app automatically. There are too many users still using old versions. I continously fix errors when they are discovered, and if you choose to not update your app, please dont write bad comments about the errors.If you have any issues, improvement ideas or just a wishlist of features, dont hesitate to contact me on email: appsupport@ernell.seReleased by:ernell software, www.ernell.seRobert AnderssonCredits to:Wordgame expert Jeff Kastner (Phoenix, AZ, United States) for professional help and good advice.

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