Make as many words as you can from the scrambled letters provided in the given amount of time. Creating words from scrambled letters is not only fun but can give your brain a boost. You can choose to mix up the letters if you cant find any words and also view the number of words you have to find. The graphics are beautifully hand made and each image has been tailored to look just right for each android device. Unscrambling words is a good way to wind down after a long day or can even get your brain going in the morning on the way to work. Scrambled Fun! Scramble Scramble Scramble! Now who doesn’t like a good anagram game. These puzzles are so fun the Dryden tribute was going to put a game like this at the back of their newspaper! *NoteThe number of letters generated can be changed in settings.The amount of time provided can be changed by changing the difficulty setting.*Warning*You will feel and act a lot smarter around your friends and may experience higher than normal brain power upon playing this game. It will give your brain a mental workout, one you cannot get from other brain games! Please stay away from zombies. They may try to get your brain first!Notes:Only words with 3 letters or more count.* Designed by Waldek Rak *

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