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Need help finding a word in Words With Friends? This app will generate all possible words based on the letters you give it. ALL words that this app generates will work with Words With Friends! This app is also extremely useful with games like Wordfeud, WordWise, WordSmith, Word Pirates, and DroidWords. This is also handy for the new Words With Friends Board Game! Here are the features:FEATURES---------------- Uses the Words With Friends dictionary, so all words generated are accepted!- Quick word searching displays point values for each word in greatest to least order.- Just released, a blank tile option, so you can incorporate your blank tiles into making some killer words.- Options to filter your word search by word length and substrings.- Called out on a word? You can click on any word to bring up a dictionary definition!- Word Validator will quickly cross reference a word for you, to see if it is playable in "Words With Friends".- Improve your vocabulary by looking at definitions for words you never knew existed!- Can be used for other games (like Scrabble) or just to have fun making anagrams out of words you enter.- Clean, intuitive user interface.- Install to SD card option.- Just added, advanced search options allow you to list words that contain words already on the Word With Friends board or allow you to search for words with a specified word length.Here's a cool game you can play while playing Bananagrams (or just with Scrabble pieces). This is especially good for kids to increase their vocabulary:Each player gets 7 tiles and you use the app to find a word out of the 7 tiles you have. Choose a word you don't know the definition for and play it. When the game is over, try to recap all the words you played and their definitions. This is great for vocabulary building!Check out the screenshots! Please rate if you like this Words With Friends Cheat!Also, check out my other app, Help With Hanging For Friends if you're interested!

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