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Up to date with the release of Mists of Pandaria (MoP)WoW Pocket Pro Plus is a SIMPLE app to help you level any profession in the World of Warcraft from 1-600 as fast as possible.An internet connection is not required to use the app, however, having a connection will allow you to quickly look up information on certain production recipes from the app.WoW Pocket Pro Plus contains PLUS guides, and does not have any advertisement of any sort. Current PLUS guides are: Cloth Farming, Disenchanting, DMF Profession Cycling, Fishing and Cooking for Alliance, Fishing and Cooking for Horde.All professions supported: alchemy, archaeology, blacksmithing, cooking, enchanting, engineering, fishing, first aid, herbalism, inscription, jewelcrafting, leatherworking, mining, skinning, tailoring.**DISCLAIMER: This is not an official reference and is in no way affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment. All terms are copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment and fall within the realm of fair use.**

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