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**DISCLAIMER: This is not an official reference and is in no way affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment. All terms are copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment and fall within the realm of fair use.**Do you play World of Warcraft? Do you think you know everything possible about thegame? Then this app is one to download.You may have reached the 80th level, are as powerful as a Night Elf, after havingwon countless raids, but are you truly a World of Warcraft whizz? This World ofWarcraft Q&A app will test your knowledge of the most popular MMORPG in theworld.Do you know your Orcs from your Worgen, your Goblins from your Draenei or whateven MMORPG stands for? You may be an ultimate warrior in the Warcraft worlds,but will you come out on top after your brain has been wracked for World of Warcrafttrivia?If you chose to accept this quest, you will have to know about all races, classes,factions and the World of Warcraft terminology. Your gaming skills won

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