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DeveloperSriram Satyavolu
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Educational app for kids who are learning to write.Please watch this you tube video : App Allows kids to trace the alphabet with a finger on the touch screen . If the finger moves out of the trace image of the alphabet it automatically stops writing.Kids can learn to write the alphabet by learning to remain inside the contour of the letter.Makes Learning to Write alphabet so easy for kids and improves their writing skills.The latest version has a new feature, parents can trace the letters and show kids how to trace the letters first. The app remembers the tracing done by parents if it is done fully ( covers all the yellow dots). Then every time the kid touches the letter, the app replays the remembered trace so the kid can see and learn. The app then clears the tracing and lets the kid practice.If parents make a slight error in tracing they can erase the stored trace by doing a long click( click and hold for a second) on the letter in the left letter list. They can then do the tracing again correctly, and it is stored in the app.Please try it, its simple to use and fun.Kids Learn To Write English AlphabetKids ABC LettersLearn ABCLearnABClearnabclearn abcWritingWrite abc

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