WWII News is a minimalist Android app, which shows hand-picked World War II related headlines – and links to the articles – every day.How it works: Opening the app starts the update process. Just click on a headline to open up the corresponding article on your default browser.FEATURES:+ Direct links to the articles.+ Hand-picked links to the best sources which provide most information and photos (We all hate autogenerated garbage).+ The website (cloudworth.com) providing the information has posted WWII knowledge DAILY since 2005.+ Just the noteworthy news, 2-5 entries per day (no information overload).+ Minimalist: No battery consuming background processes – Just open the app to get the news.Great app for history buffs, teachers, historians, and anyone interested in learning more about the Second World War – and keeping their knowledge up-to-date. Don’t miss WW2-related discoveries – tanks, wrecks, historical documents – which are still being made regularly today. Topics include pretty much everything WWII related: From the treasure hunters seeking the lost Nazi gold to the fierce battles on the Russian Eastern Front, and from the re-enactments, militaria and uniforms to the Hitler’s Third Reich.Permissions Needed:+ Internet: To fetch data from a server.+ Access Network State: To determine whether or not you are connected to the internet so the app doesn’t crash while trying to connect.

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