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DeveloperNikolay Elenkov
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by On August 16, 2010
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Japanese and kanji online dictionaryAndroid frontend for Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Donate version available.*** New: Version 2.0 now supports tablets and Japanese text-to-speech.Features * (new) Italian dictionary support * (new) ICS support * full tablet (Honeycomb) support * Japanese pronunciation (install 'N2 TTS' from Market to enable)  * text to speech for kanji and  dictionary entry translations (English/German/French/Spanish/Italian) * multi-radical kanji search * kanji of the day widget * Japanese sentence translation * example search with approximately 150,000 examples (Japanese/English pairs) * example word breakdown/translation * animated stroke order diagrams for over 6000 kanji * history and favorites  * history and favorites backup and restore * favorites export to CSV and Anki * handwriting recognition (including offline via the Kanji Recognizer app) * OCR-based handwritten kanji recognition, does not require correct stroke order * Optical Character Recognition (OCR) -- just take a picture of any kanji you want to look up * multiple dictionary lookup (General/Japanese Names/Computing/Life Sciences and more) * multiple languages supported (German/French/Russian/Swedish/Hungarian/Spanish/Dutch/Slovenian/Italian) * romaji input * kanji compound search * kanji lookup by reading, meaning, radical or stroke count * radical table showing radical variations * automatic mirror selection for best performanceAbout permissions: * Camera permission is needed for OCR * Coarse location is needed to select the closest WWWJDIC mirror * For more details, see the FAQ: me for bug reports and feature requests: me on Twitter for latest updates: @kapitanpetko announcements and detailed explanation of new features on my blog: page:

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