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XGallery is a Gallery 3 (http://galleryproject.org/) client for Android. Main Features:- Add play video by using external app- Add images or video download- Add share images or links to other app- Multiple gallery account supported- Browser, upload and delete images- Zoom/Pan images- Uploading of single or multiple imagesRequirements:- REST API Module must be enabled (Gallery > Administration > Modules > REST API Module)Note:* It is optimized for phone not tablet.PLEASE e-mail me at weakapp@gmail.com if you have any problem.Changelog:v 1.0.8* Fix in some cases can’t require rest api key problem.* Fix when show password, can’t edit it again.v 1.0.7* Fix some FC problems.* Change App Icon.v 1.0.6 * add Https Support* Fix thumb loading problem.* Fix duplicated entry bug when relogin.* Fix progress indicator not dismiss problem.v 1.0.5 – Fix some actions will cause FC.v 1.0.4- Show video icon in the top-left if this is a video file.- In image view, if this is a video file, it will show video icon, double click will launch external player to play this video.- Add ability to edit album, video or image title **BUG FIX**- Fix some bugs introduced by last version- Fix some FCs problemv 1.0.3* Fix in some cases, can’t retrieve data from gallery hosted server.* Fix some resources not free bug.v 1.0.2* Fix in some cases, it will FC.* Add video icon when viewing images, tap icon can launch external app to play video.v 1.0.1* Add play video by using external app* Add images or video download* Add share images or links to other app* Fix some performance issues.

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