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It's too late to protect your phone after the phone missing. Protect your phone now with XtraSEC Mobile Security. XtraSEC Mobile Security is a free Android security suite that helps user to protect their phone being stolen. XtraSEC provides some cutting edge and unique features to increase the chances for user to find back the lost phone and also prevent lost phone data leaked to 3rd party.Note: If you have trouble uninstalling, go to Settings -> Location & Security -> Select Device Administrators and uncheck XtraSEC.Features:✔ Find My Phone(with auto turn on GPS)✔ Phone alert (make your phone scream!)✔ Remotely SPY capture photo (NEW!)✔ SPY Auto capture on invalid lockscreen password entered✔ Detect SIM replacement✔ Remotely turn on WiFi or 3G data using SMS✔ Remotely check battery info✔ Remotely check telephony info✔ Remotely phone lock with PIN✔ Remotely phone and SD data wipe✔ Wipe proof (XtraSEC survive on factory restore)------------------------------------More details:* Find My Phone Get you phone location and displayed in Google Maps. GPS will turn on automatically when needed. (System App required)* Phone Alert (Make Your Phone Scream!) Misplaced your phone inside your house somewhere? XtraSEC can make your phone scream at loudest possible even phone in silent mode! (Warning: Don't do this during meeting!)* Remotely capture photo (NEW!) Remotely capture photo from your phone camera. You can choose either use front or back camera. Back camera will use if front camera doesn't exist. If using SMS method, captured photo will send out by Email.* Auto capture on invalid lockscreen password entered If invalid lockscreen password entered, XtraSEC will auto capture using front camera and send out captured photo to owner Email. This feature is for user using lockscreen pin, password or gesture.* Remotely turn on/off Mobile data(3G) Remotely turn on/off Mobile data 3G by sending an SMS to your phone using XtraSEC command.* Remotely turn on/off WiFi Remotely turn on/off WiFi by sending an SMS to your phone using XtraSEC command.* Detect sim replacement XtraSEC will send out an notification SMS when another SIM card is inserted into your phone. If you have multiple SIM, please add all of them to sim whitelist.* Remotely phone lock with PIN Protect your misplaced phone by remotely locking it with a PIN code requirement. Without the correct PIN code, no one can access or use your device. If someone try to break in the phone, XtraSEC will auto capture using front camera and send out captured photo to owner Email.* Remotely phone and SD data wipe No luck in retrieving your lost or stolen phone? Wipe it remotely using XtraSEC Mobile Security. Your phone may be in the wrong hands, but at least your personal information is not. With option to wipe phone only or wipe entire phone including SD card. Wipe proof, XtraSEC SMS commands still working even after phone wiped. (System app required)* Remotely check battery info Check your phone's battery information remotely! Use this feature to determine how much juice is left in your device while you tracking.* Remotely check telephony info Retrieve your phone's SIM card information remotely, including whether or not a new SIM card has been inserted. Useful information for a police report!------------------------------------* Detect SIM Replacement is only for GSM phone.* XtraSEC Mobile Security is a phone security application. Therefore, anonymous uninstallment is prevented. To uninstall, you must first disable the service, then proceed with an application uninstall as usual.SEO: lookout, phonelocator, phone locator, wheres my droid, mobile locator, mobile phone locator, norton, netqin, webroot, avg, Bitdefender, McAfee, eset, Kaspersky, avast, Anti-Theft, avira, Cerberus, NQ Mobile

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