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Get Beginner's Yoga Guide - FREE!Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual science that originated on the Indian subcontinent over 4000 years ago. The Sanskrit word “yoga” means concentration or contemplation and is often translated as “union”.It is through the practice of yoga that you can unite mind, body and spirit. Yoga is not just an exercise system but it is also a philosophy and, if you want it to be, it can become a way of life. There is no particular religion attached to yoga and people of all faiths practice it. Nor do you have to be a particular body type or at a particular fitness level to practice yoga.Yoga is open to all, which is partly why it has become so popular in the West, although we have adapted and modified the traditional systems of yoga to a style that is more accessible for us.Western practitioners of yoga have generally kept the basic philosophy and physical poses while not delving too deeply into the more abstract, intellectual aspects which are still considered a part of the practice in India.The ancient teaching of yoga did not separate mind and body and yoga practice has always included breathing as one of its most important aspects. Newcomers to yoga may, at first, be put off by the emphasis on the spiritual but they quickly come to understand that this is taken in a very wide context.Yoga is about tapping into our spirit and about believing in things we cannot necessarily see but it is grounded in factual, physical teaching.Application provides different types of options namely : What is Yoga?The Benefits of YogaYoga for Inner PeaceYoga and HealingBreathingThe ChakrasChoosing The Right Method of YogaYoga for Particular Groups of PeopleYoga for Particular ConditionsBalance Is EverythingPreparation for YogaSimple Yoga Session

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