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Level Measurement by Facial Recognition - Your LV. Camera Level System Of Characters Being Only in Online Game! Now You Can Use it in Reality! Are you scared of your friend's face? Just Check Its Level!! As you expected, High Level itself may be no Joke. For strength, Leave it to the person having high STRENGTH For a relay, Make a team with the person having high DEXTERITY, For defense, Check VITALITY! For Brain, Leave it to the person having high INTELLIGENCE! If you do that, Why Doesn't Everything Work out fine?? Are you ignored for low level Online? You may be a Mater in Reality! Don't Climb a ladder for betting anymore. It will be treat of the lowest level or highest level. If you get high level, Boast to your friends! You can send it to Twitter and FaceBook! Features : - You can check your level by taking it as a picture or by the pictures in your album. - It can recognize a face automatically. - It can recognize several faces at the same time. - You can save the result files in your album. - You can send your level to Twitter and FaceBook. Other apps of Pangaea Solution Inc. - Sensor Mouse※ Call phone, GPS permissions for Ads.

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