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YouSpin lets you create 3D animation like a pro! See yourself, a friend, your car…whatever you want, from all sides. It’s easy to use, lets you share your 360 degree views with others, and even lets you embed them on your website! Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!Ever wish you could see yourself from all angles? Trying to sell online and looking for a more professional way to show off your products? Maybe you want to create a crazy little video or a commercial for your website that’s different. It doesn’t matter why you want these things. What does matter is which tool you use for the job.YouSpin is an enormously easy to use application that lets you create 360 degree views and 3D animations of anything. Your shoes, best friend, that breathtaking vacation vista, whatever you want. Think of the wedding or weekend away memories you can capture!Just start the app and turn when it tells you to. That’s it, you’ve just created a 360 degree action shot of yourself. Cool and easy! If you want to do something similar for another person or an object, you do the same thing except each ‘turn’ is you moving to another side of the image you’re capturing. The app uses stop-frame for the animation, which means you can really let your imagination go wild and create unique 3D videos then share them. Upload your mini movies to Facebook or 3Dme then go ahead and let others see your brilliant work by posting your YouSpin on Twitter, or email it your friends, family or customers. You can even embed it on your website, eBay and some sharing sites.This is the ultimate 360 animation app, you just won’t find better anywhere. And although it was not designed to create panoramas, they turn out great, as well!Just look at some of the awesome features you get in YouSpin:* Super simple to use* Create a 360 of yourself in less than 25 seconds* Capture a 360 of any product in landscape or portrait* Upload your creations and instantly share them with others via Facebook, Twitter, Email or 3Dme* Quickly and easily embed 360’s for free in other websites via 3Dme* All 360s can be saved and stored to the app’s built-in libraryWhat are you waiting for? Let everyone see the whole picture by downloading YouSpin now. It’s fun, easy and is a great business tool.See this App in action here:

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