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To see how the app can help you, please run YoYoAsk and YoYoHlep at the same time, and you must have internet connection to run it(tested on Xoom. Currently, a YoYoHelp is available online to connect to, as a demo).In many occasions, when you have a question to ask about something right in front of you(for instance, an item without a price tag on the shelf in Home Depot), and there is just no one around, do't you wish you can just turn on your android phone and talk to the service desk, visually, to get your question answered? You can also use camera on the phone to show the service desk what you are talking about. This is way better than walking all the way to the service desk, get in line, improvise your question in words, and walk back to where you were.This is the application for that and many other occasions where you can get help with your phone with video chat.YoYoAsk is the user's softwere to run on the phone. It is designed to run on Android phone with front camera. If there is no front camera, or your model's front camera is not supported, it still can be used, but your helper will see the image by the back camera, the audio part will work.YoYoHelp is the app for any principle that would like to offer help for visitors or customers using video chatting. It is designed to run on android tablet.YoYoHelp & YoYoAsk must match each other to work together.Please contact us for any question you have.

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