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This is a push notification app. which gives you a notice of the earthquake warning with an estimated seismic intensity (the Japanese seven-stage seismic scale) and arrival time of the tremor to the specific location where you registered.[Initial settings]Register the prediction point and the seismic intensity threshold.The prediction point is a place where you want to receive the earthquake warning for. The seismic intensity threshold is the standard value. This app. gives you a notice when the estimated seismic intensity is lower than the registered threshold.[More about this app.]This app. works with the Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) for advanced users which delivered by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). This means that, when receiving the EEW from the JMA, this application will give you a notice each time. The EEW for the advanced users has a characteristic which derivers warning several times for each earthquake with improving the precision of a seismic intensity. So, this app. may give you several notices with different estimated seismic intensity and arrival time.Also, with this app. you can view the information of earthquakes occurred in the past. [Note]1.The estimated seismic intensity may yield a slight error by less than ±1.2.In the case below, the notice of the earthquake warning may delay or failed.・The prediction point and the seismic intensity threshold are not registered.・The registered prediction point is close to the epicenter.・The trouble in network.・The distance between the registered prediction point and the epicenter is more than 2000 kilometers.・The depth of the epicenter is more than 150 kilometers.・Due to the Maintenance of the server.・Too much load on the server.・EEW is not delivered by JMA.3.Twitter Service is not available, you can not view the information of earthquakes occurred in the past. 4.This app. is designed for use in Japan only.5.To know more about the Earthquake Early Warning, see the JMA homepage.[Requrements]Android1.6[facebook page]http://www.facebook.com/yurekuru[developer's blog]http://rcsc.hatenablog.com[FAQ]http://support.rcsc.co.jp/support/yurekuru_faq.htmlhas an FAQ on facebook page[Information]information@rcsc.co.jp

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