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You can operate a balance gauge by touching a screen. Let’s keep the bust of the woman inclined to right and left in the center! If it continues maintaining balance, a score will rise. When it succeeds in maintaining balance for a definite period of time, a difficulty level will be able to go up, and you could see a sexier scene. A difficulty level will fall, if balance is lost, so please do not gaze in rapture upon a woman too much. If you gain a high score, you will be able to see the picture of a wonderful prize according to a rank. The free trial version is covered with the black mask on a game screen, and cannot fully see a game screen. * The release version which removed the black mask is on sale. Please search "Zettai Ryouiki new" and purchase it. ?The model which checked operation Xperia(SO-01B)GalaxyS(SC-02B)GALAXY Tab(SC-01C)LYNX 3D(SH-03C)REGZA Phone?T-01C?Xperia X10 mini?E10i?Xperia arc(SO-01C)MEDIAS(N-04C)AQUOS PHONE(SH-12C)MEDIAS WP(N-06C)GalaxySII(SC-02C)Xperia acro(SO-02C)F-12CP-07CAQUOS PHONE f(SH-13C)Xperia ray(SO-03C)Galaxy NEXUS (SC-04D)Xperia PLAY(SO-01D)P-01DREGZA Phone(T-01D)AQUOS PHONE(SH-01D)AQUOS PHONE slider(SH-02D)ARROWS Kiss(F-03D)LUMIX Phone(P-02D)Optimus LTE(L-01D)GalaxyS II LTE(SC-03D)ARROWS X LTE(F-05D)MEDIAS LTE(N-04D)ARROWS ?(F-07D)GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus(SC-02D)MEDIAS PP(N-01D)Xperia acro HD(SO-03D)PRADA phone by LG L-02DXperia NX(SO-02D)MEDIAS ES(N-05D)AQUOS PHONE(SH-06D)P-04DGALAXY Note(SC-05D)MEDIAS TAB(N-06D)AQUOS PHONE st(SH-07D)F-09D ANTEPRIMAGALAXY S III(SC-06D)AQUOS PHONE ZETA(SH-09D)Optimus it(L-05D)Xperia GX(SO-04D)IS03REGZA Phone(IS04)IS05SIRIUS(IS06)htc EVO WiMAX(ISW11HT)G’zOne(IS11CA)AQUOS PHONE(IS11SH)AQUOS PHONE(IS12SH)INFOBAR A01Xperia acro(IS11S)MIRACH(IS11PT)htc EVO 3D(ISW12HT)MOTOROLA PHOTON(ISW11M)DIGNO(ISW11K)AQUOS PHONE(IS13SH)ARROWS Z(ISW11F)MEDIAS BR(IS11N) ARROWS ES(IS12F)AQUOS PHONE(IS14SH)Optimus X(IS11LG)GalaxyS II WiMAX(ISW11SC)INFOBAR C01MOTOROLA RAZR(IS12M)Xperia acro HD(IS12S)HTC J(ISW13HT)AQUOS PHONE SERIE(ISW16SH)URBANO PROGRESSOAQUOS PHONE SL(IS15SH)AQUOS PHONE CL(IS17SH)ARROWS Z(ISW13F)HTC Desire(X06HT) HTC Desire(X06HTII)GALAPAGOS(003SH)AQUOS PHONE(102SH)AQUOS PHONE(104SH)LUMIX Phone(101P)HONEY BEE(101K)MEDIAS CH(101N)AQUOS PHONE(103SH)AQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID(007SH)AQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID(007SH J)007SH KTDM009SHAQUOS PHONE SoftBank(006SH)AQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID(101SH)DM011SH102PDM012SHSTAR 7(009Z)AQUOS PHONE(102SH II)PANTONE 5(107SH)* Since this application consumes many memories, when forced termination etc. occur, please try the following items. – Please try reboot of your cellular phone. – If the software version is not the latest version, please update.* When you want to mail to user support, please ask a question in Japanese or English.[anime][moe][cosplay][maid][hentai][OTAKU]

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