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New game is released concepted by zombie named "zombie Yut Nori" This is the traditional Korean board game.How to play1. Select the [character], [user] and [tokens](called "mal") and complete the setting.2. After the setting and starting the game,the computer will determin the turn of casting randomly.3. Push the yut left and right shaped totem after determined the order.4. you can push again when it comes Yut(all front side) or Mo(all back side) and you can move the token as much as the number of characters.5. You can move the token at the same time when it is occupied the same position.6. On the contrary the opponent catches the token, then token moves to the default position and the opponent can cast again.(Execpt when you catch the token by Yut or Mo, you can't cast again)7. When all tokens go to the goal, the game is over.※ TIP : One way to be fun is that you can bet with your friends during the game.

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