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※ ※ ※ has published a version that can be tested before you buy "call recording zSuperRecorderTrial" ※ ※ ※https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.zebrasoft.android.zsrtester&feature=search_result #? t = W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImpwLmNvLnplYnJhc29mdC5hbmRyb2lkLnpzcnRlc3RlciJdManual WEB: http://www.zebrasoft.co.jp/zsr/※ If you kill when you start, please select the implementation zSuperRecorder erasing data in the application management, application from the menu of the terminal. It should start successfully.If you want to display correctly the capacity of the SD card in the main screen, please select your terminal according to the name of the mount of the SD card outside of the setup menu.1. Call Recording Manual / Automatic2. Support high-quality recording is possible MP3/WAV/AMR/3GP/MP4/OGG.3. Also supports recording and disturb only a specific number4. Can be operated intuitively and also in response to cue playback player5. Also recorded in the phone continue to catch, also support multi-line list6. Sharing feature one-touch e-mail attachments optimized Evernote6. (Set A / B preset and SC-03D/SO-01B/SO-01C) have simple initialization function7. Bulk delete and select Delete / simple, automatic deletion feature may also search list9. MP3/WAV will also support recording pause10. (Only can use the configuration terminal talker + earpiece) is possible if the model also supports call recording with Bluetooth11.The menu display can be set in their own languages ​​over 13 application does not depend on the terminal settings12. Can originate directly from the recording list.13. Widget also features one-touch recording14. The name on the list has to like direct telephone caller can also enable / edit15. Offset can be set to start recording at the time of outgoing and incoming16. I do not know that can be used as a simple e-mail queries, please e-mail settings sent to my e-mail feature of the app.17. Than the number of days of old files that you set in the automatic deletion the file (the default is non-operating) do not want to be automatically deleted, please set the retention period to 0 days to protect you or automatically deleted. Will not automatically deleted in 0 days.18. Please be assured that there is automatic protection features. Registration number is stored in the protected state.19. Recorded files can be a compression / decompression in ZIP archives together. It is also useful in handling ZIP files Once you have taken together related files.(During the study, while using the standard zip current java in the terminal because it is unable to unzip the file name I've used if you extracted the ZIP file on a PC is garbled. The org.apache.tools.zip)20. answering machine can be realized in Sumaho zAutoCall When combined with (automatic call application).21. Can be recorded automatically in a specified time range of up to 24 hours from the time specified in the timer recording function.Want is an all-in-one recording functions of the system as a fully equipped recording app.Even high-quality voice recorder, even as call recording application is an application to be active enough to pull out the capabilities of the smartphone.You need a terminal that supports PCM recording, but you can select 8000/16000/11025/22100/44200/48000Hz.Comfortable to use all the features you need MediaRecorder bugs that are installed in your terminal has been resolved.In addition, whether there is a bug in the AndroidOS are installed in the terminal is available, please confirm to the terminal because some manufacturers and publishers have been customized so as not to be recording the call.Data call recording, please handle at your own risk. even in the event of any damage using the zSuperRecorder me is not liable (Disclaimer)We use the "LAME V3.99.5" to save the MP3.★ search tagsMP3 Recorderwav pcm 3gp amr ogg mp3voice recorerphone recordercall recorderlong time recordingCall RecordingVoice recorder

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