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ZuluLog is the world's most widely used online pilot logbook system. The ZuluLog Android app can be used as a standalone pilot logbook, but is designed to work with your account. Enter, edit, and view flights from anywhere, and then sync with a single click to your account once your Android is back online. Instantly view your PIC currency, instrument currency, NVG currency, and even user-defined custom currencies. You can also create custom flight entry fields on your account, and they'll be available for use automatically on the app's Flight Entry screen, once you're logged in.Our exclusive Flight Counters screen makes it easy to track flight time, simulated and actual instrument time, takeoffs, landings, and approaches in real time. You can then transfer these times to the Flight Entry screen with a single click.This app also features dedicated screens to track your notes, squawks, nav/comm frequencies, transponder codes, and even your IFR clearances.You can look up current TAF/METAR information by airport code, with an active data connection.Handy reference screens are available to display aviation-related information such as the phonetic alphabet, Morse code, IFR alternate airport requirements, a METAR decoder, the current moon phase, and more.Other features include pilot tools such as red and white flashlights, and a magnetic compass with an optional heading bug.This app also features a night mode setting to help preserve night vision adaptation in low light operational conditions.We encourage you to rate the app on the Market, but please use the Feedback screen in the app to send us feedback, suggestions, and bug reports on this beta version of the app.

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