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Will your day be sunny, cloudy, sneezy or clear? The ALLERGYCAST™ app brings you the pollen and weather forecasts to help you plan your day and stay ahead of your allergies. This powerful tool is brought to you by the people who bring you powerful allergy relief, the makers of ZYRTEC®. Here's how ALLERGYCAST™ can help you better manage your allergy symptoms:- Plan ahead with the 4-day pollen forecast and weather report, all in one place.- See which pollens are highest every day, and get tips to help you deal with them.- Save favorite cities for quick forecasts, or use your GPS location anywhere.- Turn on alerts to get a daily heads-up when your local pollen forecast is high.- If you need indoor or outdoor allergy relief, learn about ZYRTEC® products.- Find ZYRTEC® products near you quickly and easily with the product locator.

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