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Comindware Project – PM App Review

Comindware Well, ladies and gents, today we will talk about Comindware Project™, a highly professional Project Management software for, well, project managers, what else? As the name suggests, the purpose of this application for Android is to make life easier for both project managers and the team members themselves, transforming everything into "a wa...

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Happy Stork : Pregnancy Support App Review

happy stork Here comes the Happy Stork: Pregnancy Support app for Android, courtesy of amane factory inc. , a bunch of the nicest people in the world if you ask me. I'm not "just sayin'" that, I am that kind of guy who considers pregnancy and child birth as an once in a lifetime experience, both for the mother and the father. And an Android app that helps ...

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Internet has given a great platform to all game lovers especially the poker ones. Now it’s too easy to install poker over your Android, IOS and all other high deficiency gadgets. More and more poker apps are being added to the market and the latest one is 888poker app. You can download it via 888poker to get started right away. You can play it ...

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Pick Me Up If You Can Android App Review

Pick Me Up If You Can Android App Pick Me Up If You Can is one of the coolest Android Apps out there, courtesy of dma(the app developer) and this baby is trying to respond in a coherent manner to the eternal questions that drive men everywhere since immemorial times : What do women really want? How to pick up chicks? What do men really know about chicks? (blank page). Long s...

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