11 Bit Studios releases Funky Smuggler for Android

As long as we have Airports, we’re going to have smugglers. Funky Smugglers is a new Android game from 11 bit studios that puts a whole new meaning on the world “smuggler” as you’ll play an Airport security screener whose sole purpose is to find and remove dangerous objects before they get through the scanner. Smuggling in the 70s was much easier than it is today which means you’re going to be a busy little screener as scores of people try to sneak things past your scanner. Objects you’ll want to remove are marked in red while green ones are safe and shouldn’t be removed. You snag an object by touching it which sounds easy and it actually is for the first few planes. As the levels progress things become tougher as passengers walk faster, carry different luggage, and try to sneak more items onboard. It’s really one of those games that lulls you into a false sense of complacency as you’ll think “This is so easy” right before you miss an item, lose your rhythm, and are hit the Game Over screen. Funky Smugglers also has a bit on an online element as well with its Team Battles where you pick a team and have your score added to the total. I spent quite a bit of time with Funky Smugglers last night, and so far I like what I’ve seen. The game definitely has a funky vibe throughout and the missions have been varied thus far. The only thing I’m a little concerned about is the replay factor although there are quite a few unlockables that can change the look of the game a bit and add new characters. We’ll have a full breakdown of the game next week, until then you can check out Funky Smugglers for yourselves on Google Play for only $0.99.

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