18 million Android Devices to be Infected in 2013

Recently we came across a report in which an antivirus company stated that there is a chance that 18 million devices will be infected with malware in the upcoming year. The report originated from Lookout Mobile which is a fairly popular antivirus in the Android market. Today we came across another report from the more famous Eset. The company stated via PC World that there will be “an exponential growth of mobile malware,” and the Android users will take the loins share because of the widespread popularity of the platform. “The report notes that Android now has more than 64 percent of the smartphone market, compared to 43 percent in 2011. “As Android’s market share rises and people use it more and more to store personal and corporate information, or for online banking or related services, cyber criminals will develop more malware to steal information, thus gaining illicit revenue.” The researchers predict that next year, 530 million people will access banking services from their smartphones; it’s a 76 percent jump from 2011, when only 300 million people banked on their mobile phones.” This is not that much surprising as we all are well aware that the higher number of devices the higher number of infected devices. It’s the percentage that matters not the numbers. Reports indicate that nearly 1 billion android phones will be sold in the next year. If the number of Android enabled devices is around 1.2 billion and the affected ones are around 18 million then this is only 1.5%. This might not be such an alarming figure. Eset further details the types of malware which are popular these days. “Eset notes that Android malware typically contains one of three malicious payloads. A large number of malware programs (40 percent) clandestinely subscribed their victims to premium SMS services. About a third (32 percent) of bad apps turned the devices they infect into zombies, which can be controlled by an ether thief. More than a quarter (28 percent) of malicious apps steal information from a phone.” Well simple steps can be taken if you don’t want to catch the digital flu. For one only download apps and games from the developer you trust and try not to download any shady apps altogether. For second, any well reputed antivirus program will help you from any attacks. Good luck and play safe.

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