2013 Is The Year of the Smartwatch?

smartwatch If you take a look at all major players in the IT Industry, one pattern is very clear : almost each and everyone of them is working on or planning to build a smartwatch, sooner rather than later. The smartwatch seems to be the next hype in wearable technology, along with Google Glass. Taking into account that regular watches are already a huge $60 billion/year industry, the smartwatch should blow this over by a long shot. The latest  IT manufacturer  announcing a smartwatch is Dell, they say that they’re “thinking” about manufacturing a smartwatch but they are hesitant due to challenges in costs and the usual blabber. To me, this actually means that they are already working on it. That’s how it works folks, keeping stuff super secret and then bang, hitting you with the new product by surprise. Let’s take a look at how other companies are doing regarding smartwatches, shall we? Well, let’s start with the big boss, Google, the info about their smartwatch leaked in March 2013 and quite a few sources say that their Android division is working hard on that, recently they acquired some watch related patents, via their subsidiary, Motorola. It seems that they will launch a smartwatch very soon. smartwatch Now, their biggest contender, Apple, it is rumored that an iWatch or whatever they will name it, is expected for 2014. They also are busy patenting ~79 watch related /wearable technology things, including the term iWatch in Mexico, Taiwan, Russia and Japan. smartwatch Blackberry actually launched a smartwatch back in 2010 but it was an epic fail, since they outsourced its production to another company, Allerta. The smartwatch was called InPulse, now it’s extinct, discontinued. Allerta learned from Blackberry’s failure, and they launched their own Pebble smartwatch, which is now available for the US market and looks pretty cool. Sony also released their first Android compatible  smartwatch in March 2012 and now the second generation hit the market, in June of 2013, with moderate success, especially due to compatibility issues and the lack of apps. Samsung confirmed it’s working on a smartwatch in March of 2013, competing with Apple’s iWatch obviously, and it will be basically a miniaturized Android running smartphone attached to your wrist. Given Samsung’s expertise in the domain, it will be a hit, mark my words. smartwatch Toshiba unveiled a prototype in January 2013, it looked very cool and serious, with an aluminum casing and a leather strap, but we don’t know squat since then, it’s a complete mystery what will happen in the future. smartwatch Microsoft and Acer also announced a smartwatch for 2014,along with Foxconn,Qualcomm and LG, there were leaks and rumors from suppliers in Asia, but we will have to wait and see what’s going to happen.        

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